Downloadable Software


Sound Storm

Sound Storm is a game-based auditory training software, which you can access on the iOS app store.  It was developed at NAL and is designed to remediate spatial processing disorders (SPD). Children diagnosed with SPD have difficulty understanding speech in noise, even though their hearing thresholds are normal. Our studies have shown that SPD is reversible with this training. Read more.


The SoundLog noise dosimeter is a free to download iPhone app, developed at NAL.  It provides noise measurements and noise exposure (dosimeter) estimations for those interested in measuring noise and sound exposure at work or leisure.  It is intended for use by individuals and as a ‘risk management’ tool by Occupational Hygienists and Workplace Health and Safety professionals. Read more.


The SoundOut room acoustics analyser is a free to download iPad application, developed at NAL, tailored to the needs of educational institutions. It offers an easy way to measure classroom background noise level, classroom ambient noise level, classroom Reverberation Time (RT) and Speech Transmission Index (STI). Read more.


The Client Oriented Scale of Improvement (COSI) is a clinical tool developed by NAL for outcomes measurement. It is an assessment questionnaire for clinicians to use which allows them to document their client’s goals/needs and measures improvements in hearing ability. One of the greatest advantages of the procedure has been to promote a greater focus on the client’s individual needs when designing their rehabilitation program.

The Hearing Aid User’s Questionnaire (HAUQ) is designed to assess hearing aid use, benefit, problems and overall satisfaction.
Read more about COSI and HAUQ.