About NAL

The National Acoustic Laboratories (NAL) is the research division of Australian Hearing, a Statutory Authority under the Commonwealth Department of Human Services. We are related to, but independent of, Australian Hearing. Since 1947, NAL’s research into hearing has opened new ways in which people with hearing problems can be helped.

NAL has around forty researchers who, with the help of volunteer participants from the general public, carry out research within our five departments:

  • Hearing Science – carries out research relating to reception of sound in the brain, using cognitive and neural measures.
  • Audiology – provides expert audiological consultation to projects and protocols, and clinical oversight to the management of studies involving people with hearing loss.
  • Behavioural Sciences – using psychology and other sciences to investigate and implement campaigns to promote hearing health.
  • Communication Science – Investigating the efficacy of early intervention and other factors influencing children’s communication and psychosocial outcomes.
  • Signal Processing – research and development of innovative technologies arising from and leading to new scientific discoveries at NAL. Also provides technical support for hearing technologies to industry partners.

The results of our research are published in leading scientific journals and presented at conferences.  Several NAL inventions have been taken up internationally and are used worldwide.